Hi to all our our visitors we are introducing the digital radios.

Which is provided by Icom, Kenwood and Motorola, at the moment we are still doing further research in order to understand more about these digital systems.

The great thing about the digital systems is that you don't have to loose your analog radio which means you can immidiately migrate to digital at your own pace. Why go digital? well there are a number of reasons I can personally provide. 1. You our client want the best communication between you and your people and therefore with a digital system you can. How? A lot of our clients argue about background noise in a radio at the edge of repeater coverage, you see in a digital system noise is illiminated by a great percentage. And when you are out of range it is either as clear as it is when you are near me or it has no signal at all, I am reffering to communication through repeater and simplex(radio to radio).


                                                 ICOM                                                                              KENWOOD

Get ready!!